Printmaking is passion!!!

The Uptown Sheep was released in March 2013, and its main existence was to promote the art of printmaking, to Students, Artists, Collectors, and Individuals, by informing them about the techniques and processes that were followed in each artwork.

Since 1999, when I was introduced to the world of printmaking, I keep on experimenting in various materials and techniques. After all, in every art form, one has to try and experiment, what works good, and how it works, which technique will bring the appropriate result, and so on. In this way, the artist can gain experience, and master their skills.

Through my pages, its worth having a look at my How to Make... free step by step art lessons, where I reveal the processes that were made in order to bring a printmaking artwork to life, as well as other useful information such as how to set up a home studio, safety issues, do it yourself equipment and so on.
In addition, a portfolio showcase is available, with my most favorite prints so far. Any artworks that I sell, can be found in my shop page, and all my thoughts and news can be found in my blog page.

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  • picture from Nikea Open Engraving Workshop
  • corks used for printmaking
  • Foams, another relief material
  • applying ink
  • Erasers used as handmade stamps
  • screenprinting equipment
  • linocuts
  • screenprinting acrylic colors